Edge Power Solutions

Dedicated to providing SIMPLE, RELIABLE and APPROACHABLE power for emerging technology markets.

Edge Power Solutions
Reliable Power for Optical LAN, DAS, LED DC Lighting, Security, Building Automation and IOT devices

The EPS Class 2 low voltage power platform represents a new generation in low voltage power delivery. EPS systems are easy for low voltage and IT personnel to install and maintain. The platform intelligence allows for network monitoring and control of the platform outputs as well an available bi-directional integration and control interface for 3rd party platforms or applications serving connected devices.

The EPS Class 2 power platform has multiple power input options to include 120VAC-240VAC, High Voltage DC & High Availability Options.

Intelligent Power Series - PDU

  • 16 and 32 Class 2 100W – 56VDC Outputs
  • Remote output monitoring and control

Traditional Power Series - PDU

  • 8, 16 and 32 Class 2 100W – 56VDC Outputs
  • Cost Effective Reliable Power

Installation Accessories

  • Power Patch Panels
  • Power Patch Cords
  • Wire Ferrules
  • Fiber Optic Splitters

Project Design Assistance

Let our experienced staff assist you in the planning your next deployment. Our staff can assist with power supply selection, placement and connection assessments.