Edge Power Solutions was founded by industry professionals for the purpose of providing high quality power supplies to emerging technology markets and to produce those products in the U.S. Our launch of integrated power supplies specific to the GPON / Passive Optical LAN industry in 2016 was very well received.

With hundreds of successful projects powered by Edge Power Solutions, the consensus is that EPS products provides a cleaner and more efficient installation. The success has led to crossover uses in other markets such as DAS/Distributed Antenna Systems, Building Controls, Security, LED Lighting, and DC powered edge switching.

Edge Power Solutions power supplies have GPON / Passive Optical LAN friendly 8, 16 and 32 outputs and an (optional) integrated passive optical splitter.  EPS PSUs continue to be in a class of their own providing both time and cost savings.

Our team has over 30 yrs of industry experience in Networking, Infrastructure Design, Passive Optical LAN and Telecommunications.   Consider our design and consulting services to help make your next project a success.

Edge Power Solutions is the leader in Remote Low Voltage Power Systems.  We provide reliable, consistent, flexible, and intelligent power solutions.


How can EPS help make your next project a success?

Reliable Power supplies are the very heart of every project.  At EPS, we make sure that your project has the right power supply for your requirements and systems. We provide you with the latest technology that can keep up with changing needs.

To date, there are over 600 successful projects under EPS power.  Innovation, accuracy, and consistency are our secrets for keeping our clients connected.

We provide cost-effective, approachable, and intelligent power systems. Our clients enjoy a better user experience than our competitors can provide.

EPS systems are easy to use and allow for flexible resource allocation as well as deployment flexibility.

With our user-friendly remote power supply, your remote power needs have no boundaries. We revolutionize connectivity through effective, seamless, and smart technologies.